March 2016 Update Attempt #2

31 March 2016

A new update has been released!

This update is a small part of the previous update and focuses on fixing crashes and exploits.

We apologize, once again, for the problems caused by previous update and will work towards fixing those problems as well as doing our best to prevent such things from happening in the future.

This update is optional, however it is strongly recommended for server owners to install it.

Clients will automatically update when you restart your game.

Thanks to everybody who helped with testing the update and reported any bugs/problems.

03.16 March 31 2016
  • new

    Added whereis console command to menu state, helps with checking if addons are overriding a specific file

  • fixed

    Fixed SetParent making crazy-physics system mad. Vehicle wheels should stop disappearing

  • fixed

    Fixed some crashes related to shadows

  • fixed

    Fixed some crashes when NPCs take damage with a null inflictor

  • fixed

    Fixed WorkshopDL addons not updating properly

  • fixed

    Fixed issues where game.MountGMA would not always reload models properly

  • fixed

    Fixed Lua panic when returning from lua_run, lua_run_cl, RunString, BroadcastLua, Player:SendLua

  • fixed

    Fixed multiple DoS attack vectors

  • updated

    Forced player simulation (when players are not sending usercommands) now increments command number & changes random seed

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