33 Commits by 2 Authors. 252 files added, 4 deleted, 0 moved.
19 March 2018
Andres Krymm
Added serverlist.AddCurrentServerToFavorites(), CanAddServerToFavorites(), menustate only Added Favorite this server button to the bottom bar of the main menu when you are on a server Slightly adjusted alignment of text and icons on the bottom bar of the main menu
Added entity and entindex to the "Changing collision rules within a callback is likely to cause crashes!" error message
16 March 2018
Andres Krymm
Restore g_FailedSounds on OSX
15 March 2018
William Wallace
merge main/chromium
fix undefined behaviour in m_VoxWords population
Andres Krymm
Change PLAYERANIMEVENT_CANCEL_RELOAD's value to be closer to the rest pf Lua exposed PLAYERANIMEVENTs Changed the default value of r_hunkalloclightmaps to 0
13 March 2018
Andres Krymm
* Added PLAYERANIMEVENT_CANCEL_RELOAD enum * Automatically fire PLAYERANIMEVENT_CANCEL_RELOAD on weapon switch * Moved the Map and Source Engine version text when console is open a bit down so it can be read
Better npc_barnacle behavior with ai_ignoreplayers Entity.AddCallback will now error instead of silently failing when given not a function on its 2nd argument
render.DrawSphere will no longer draw one less longitude step than specified
12 March 2018
William Wallace
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Chromium 65... scrolling is broken/chromium
This commit has been marked private, so it is hidden
test disabling g_FailedSounds on osx builds
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resolve ntfs junctions before passing resource directories to cef/chromium
Andres Krymm
GitHub: * Changed Toolgun's holdtype from pistol to revolver to match the view model * GetCreator now returns NULL for no creator, instead of nil * Updated gm_video with console output on start/end, added vid_sound 1/0 to control sound recording, added console command help text
Cleaned up weapon_base
Added a bunch of new entity translations that might show up in the kill feed
Restore functionality of env_wind for now
file.Exists and file.IsDir will return false instead of nil when used on invalid files or files Lua has no access to. Added file.Rename( oldFileName, newFileName ), same restrictions as file.Write/file.Open apply.
Removed game/bin/sdk.fgd, as it was unused and contained non-existent/duplicate entities Updated .fgd files (for Hammer) to include GMod specific Sandbox key values.
11 March 2018
William Wallace
sandbox system flash is ok/chromium
use launcher exe for sub-process/chromium
10 March 2018
William Wallace
Decode URI paths before handling asset requests Same file ext -> mime type behaviour as awesomium imp for asset requests/chromium
9 March 2018
Andres Krymm
Entity.IsRagdoll will attempt to return proper value when the entity is marked for deletion.
Vector/Angle.Mul and Div methods now have correct type checking and errors
8 March 2018
William Wallace
cors whitelisting for asset protocol/chromium
6 March 2018
Andres Krymm
Added Vector.Div( number ) Added Angle.__div, Angle.Div, Angle.Mul, Angle.Add, Angle.Sub
2 March 2018
Andres Krymm
Added Player.IsSprinting
Added better bounds checking to CBaseAnimating::GetSequenceActivity (Entity:GetSequenceActivity)
Added Entity.GetSequenceMovement( int, float, float ) = bool, vec, ang
1 March 2018
William Wallace
util.TableToJSON returns nil unless top-most element is an object or array