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18 July 2018
William Wallace
more vpk/chromium/go
don't use prehistoric vpk.exe/chromium/go
preview = 0/chromium/go
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steamworks scripts/chromium/go
17 July 2018
Andres Krymm
Fixed a rare crash with npc_combie_s trying to shoot a gun they don't have Added a potential fix for AI pathfinding crash
William Wallace
new windows vpc build/chromium/go
This commit has been marked private, so it is hidden
16 July 2018
Andres Krymm
Bump maxiumum key length of key values in bsp to 64 (from 32)
Reenable monster_bigmomma hp recovery system
William Wallace
scm memes/chromium/go
linux buildscripts/chromium/go
windows build scripts/chromium/go
important todos, steam.inf/chromium/go
kill soundemittersystem.vpc.vpc_cache/chromium/go
11 July 2018
Andres Krymm
Update surfaceproperites.txt to remove some entries to fit the 128 entry limit Added a fixed version of materials/models/v_gauss/glovechrome.vmt
Fix compile error TTT GetClassHints change
NavMesh places support in Lua Added CNavArea.GetPlace() = string Added CNavArea.SetPlace( string ) = bool
10 July 2018
Andres Krymm
Nav file errors now properly display the actual error by name, not error ID Fixed nav file error 4 (out of date) being displayed when the nav file is in fact up to date.
5 July 2018
Andres Krymm
Changed capitalization for 2 keys in util.GetSurfaceData
util.GetSurfacePropName now returns "" for out of bounds inputs (Like it does now for non existent 0-127 input values) Added util.GetSurfaceData() = table Removed textures from the models/ folder in the .vpk
4 July 2018
Andres Krymm
Added SetQuadraticAttenuation, SetLinearAttenuation, SetConstantAttenuation, and their getters
CLuaEmitter.Add will now also initallize startSize You can now ignite ragdolls Updated TTT to its latest version
Fixed Player and Entity.__newindex crashing the game when assigning non string keys onto those entities.
Added input.GetKeyCode, works opposite of input.GetKeyName