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29 September 2018
William Wallace
new vaudio_speex builds - voice chat is compatible with main/chromium/go
28 September 2018
Andres Krymm
Player.Kick no longer fails with reasons too long (cuts them off now at 512) Fixed kick reasons being cutoff at 256 (now cutoff at 512)
Fixed DMenu's non self deleting submenus not opening in some cases Updated TTT to its latest version
27 September 2018
Andres Krymm
PlayerUse no longer blocks using when Lua doesn't return a value or returns a non boolean.
Made DLabelURL's color functions work consistently to DLabel's
monster_human_grunt now uses default values from skill2 for the replaced convars instead of arbitrary values
25 September 2018
William Wallace
shader console spew doesn't crash any more removed use of VALVE_LITTLE_ENDIAN macro/fixed particle alpha always being 75/chromium/go
fps_max rounding errors/chromium/go
24 September 2018
Andres Krymm
Fixed calling SetHoldType too early not updating the hold type on client
Fixed some effects (mostly on NPCs) not working in multiplayer
SWEP Holdtype is now updated clientside whenever server sends a holdtype update
21 September 2018
Andres Krymm
Removed mistakenly included hl2_game_sound_manifest.txt from being included in the actual game_sounds_manifest.txt Made flashlight sound not stop weapon sounds
Smooth scrape sounds are no longer repalced by rough scrape sounds on the 2 materials where used to happen
20 September 2018
William Wallace
gmodscreenspace loads g_screenspace_vs11 instead of gmodscreenspace_vs11/chromium/go
break physenv.AddSurfaceData/chromium/go
Andres Krymm
Added player_connect_client gameevent from upstream, same as player_connect but without the "address" field, used for join messages
Added debug name to the "Tried to activate constraint ..." warning. Kill input no longer works on the world entity !Entity.SetSaveValue can no longer override entity class name You can no longer remove player_manager entity
Entity.SetHitboxSet no longer assigns non existent hitbox sets when using a string as the first argument resulting in a console warning spam
18 September 2018
William Wallace
This commit has been marked private, so it is hidden
windows symbol gen/upload/chromium/go
sound.Add sounds with volume < 1 are no longer silent/chromium/go
17 September 2018
William Wallace
remove minidump wrapper from worker threads (they'll work automatically)/chromium/go
lua stack traces to error logs/chromium/go
add console buffer to crash logs/chromium/go
minidump wip/chromium/go
14 September 2018
Andres Krymm
Entity.GetSaveTable and Entity.GetInternalVariable no longer iterate over Inputs and Outputs
13 September 2018
William Wallace
This commit has been marked private, so it is hidden
This commit has been marked private, so it is hidden
don't crash with empty sound names/chromium/go
12 September 2018
Andres Krymm
Failed-to-send net messages now reset current net message Calling net.Start() while a net message is already active now displays a message You can no longer send net messages with no players on the server
William Wallace
10 September 2018
William Wallace
materials done/chromium/go/assetsources
materials use fallback paths/chromium/go/assetsources
textures done materials kinda done/chromium/go/assetsources
8 September 2018
William Wallace
fix the other bitbuf implementation too/chromium/go
fix differences in WriteUBitVar/ReadUBitVar compared to main branch/chromium/go
7 September 2018
William Wallace
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JSValue is no longer recursive in linux builds/chromium/go
chromium calls/callbacks can pass objects/hashmaps/chromium/go
awesomium calls/callbacks can pass objects/hashmaps/chromium/go
array passing for awesomium too/chromium/go
can pass arrays as params/returns for javascript bindings/chromium/go
Andres Krymm
This commit has been marked private, so it is hidden
6 September 2018
William Wallace
ehandle lives in userdata
merge 'fixed some scenes not playing in 64 bit builds'
fixed some scenes not playing in 64 bit builds/chromium/go
fixed meshbuilder FastVertex methods/chromium/go
5 September 2018
Andres Krymm
Spawnmenu Icons no longer save images of missing models to disk + Small fix to Icon Editor
William Wallace
x64 dxsupport configs fixed 75% of detail props not rendering on x64 due to alignment stuff/chromium/go
3 September 2018
Andres Krymm
Git: * Fixed an error with empty nextbox NPCs * Added return value to DColumnSheet.AddSheet
Fixed npc_barnacle not picking up players from vehicles.
William Wallace
correct utlmap field sizes/chromium/go
2 September 2018
William Wallace
new datamap field structure fixed data sizes of many fields/chromium/go