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Just use 4 with Vulkan / DX12 multi GPU.
With enough dedication everything's possible
I really hate how I am stuck to Nvidia because I do Neural Network programming
I'm looking to upgrade from my ancient i5 760, but I can't decide whether I should get a R5 1600 or i5 8400. Thoughts? I basically only play games and browse the web
From what I've read, Intel is the best for gaming currently.
I upgraded away from my i5 6600k and would like to put it back in use in another build. I've always wanted to build a more competent Kodi machine after getting too frustrated with the poor performance of my current Raspberry Pi 3 and this seems ideal. You guys got any ideas for a silent, always on build for that purpose? I got a MSI Krait z170 as well but I think I might want to switch it out for a smaller form factor. Everything else needs to be purchased. Unrelated to the above, when should one switch out their PSU due to old age? I'm still sporting a Corsair HX650W in my current build and its about 8 years old now. It had a warranty of 7 years so I'm starting to get a little worried of it dying on me.
The 8400 is probably a little faster per-core, but you can't OC it and all but 1 or 2 threads are going to be closer to 2.8ghz than 4.0. I'd go with the 1600 and OC it, but if you don't want to overclock just get the 1600X and you'll be set.
that seems kinda overkill for kodi there are some faster SBC's you could try
The i5 6600k is most likely overkill but its what I got on hand so I'd rather use that than purchase a weaker, brand new CPU. SBC stands for what? Kodi is an SBC?
Single Board Computer, i was thinking of things like the asus tinkerboard or odroid models as ones that are more powerful than a pi3
So I've currently got a GTX970 and I'm looking to upgrade. Will I get a noticeable difference out of a 1070, or should I probably save for the 1080? I guess I could always wait for the new gen XX70 card too.
What kind of monitor setup do you use? The 970 should be good for quite some time if you use 1080p/60hz. Otherwise anything like 144hz, 4k, 1440p you might wanna upgrade. I had an MSI 970 with a 1080p/144hz monitor for years before upgrading to 1440p/144hz and the card just couldn't handle it, so I went with a 1080.
Did GPU prices drop yet?
I run a dual 1080p:144Hz/60Hz setup at the minute, which is a shame because both monitors are 144Hz but I didn't realise I could only output 60Hz over HDMI. Card handles this pretty fine. Reason I'm looking to upgrade is I just bought a Rift, so the 970 is really on the low end of cutting it. No glaring problems so far but a couple of games have struggled here and there.
Just got all my parts together today. Tried building it myself. I give up after 2 hours and will gladly pay someone to do this. I'm never touching hardware in my life again and just stick to programming. God I hate everything that has to do with building a PC and I'm glad there's people that can do this for me, because I have not got the patience to do it.
unless you got some small ass case made out of Chinese scrap metal its easy shits like lego
Dude, what are you having trouble with? Did you look up any guides beforehand?
The case itself should have an instruction manual in the first place. Always read the instructions before acting. You won't fuck up.
It started with me not being able to get off the default cpu cooler mount from the motherboard because 1 screw was in too tight. Ended up fucking it up so bad it was impossible to get out with a screwdriver. Had to drive to my parents to get pincers to just snap the fucker off. After it was off it finally turns out the "universal" cpu cooler doesn't fit the holes on the motherboard. Finally that whole mess is done and after a lot of cursing I finally manage to mount the stock cpu cooler (ryzen 5). Next the case is fine, everything else should fit fine. Next problem is the motherboard, the screws all don't go in properly and at one point the thing your screw into becomes detached from the case. I give up on that and figure that it's in place, don't care that it's rocky as shit anymore. Now the massive ass gfx card just wont slide in nicely because it's so fucking massive (gtx 980ti). The additional bonus is that I'm constantly in fear of breaking anything so I'm not going to apply any force, because I don't know how much the parts can take. Anyways I'm taking the whole junk to work tomorrow and let my colleagues help me. The only problem in this whole thing is me, I get frustrated with this kind of stuff to easily, because I'm shit at it and I don't enjoy doing it since I get sweaty and anxious as shit. Also the two left hands don't help.
Which cooler did you get? ignore anything universal and just get something for your socket.
Got the wrong cooler. On the packaging it said it didn't support am4 though the people's that helped me build it and pc parts picker said it would work fine together... Either way with help from my colleagues I installed it today. I wouldn't have been able to do it myself in the end as an extra adapter was required for the psu to connect to the graphics card. Additionally I found out I was screwing in the wrong screws even though they look identical to me. And as a cherry on top it turns out I'm just terrible at screwing, because when I try to screw it gets all jacked and when a colleague uses the same equipment and screw it does work (so either I force it too hard or keep it at an angle too much) Glad it's done now though, it's running fine and dandy and so far it looks like I didn't break anything
Hey guys, looking to upgrade my pc, which I had since 2012. I want to change the GPU, the monitor, the case and add more storage. Any tips? Preferably to play newer games such as NieR, Far Cry 5 and FF15 at maybe 60 fps
So I'm looking to upgrade my current pc. I recently got a 1920x1080@144hz monitor so I'd like to take advantage of the higher refresh rate. im still on the fence about upgrading to windows 10. budget is ~$1500 Anything glaringly wrong with this? Is my powersupply big enough? I have no idea what motherboard to get, i just looked at reddit/pcpartpicker and that one seemed to be popular, but its a bit ugle and i dont really care about RGB, maybe another one would be cheaper?
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/237741/2478cf37-878d-47f8-8158-38dce073e49e/new.PNG i sold my motherboard/ram/cpu earlier so i hope it turns up on the 19th
2600x achieves the high clocks of a 2700x, so if you don't need the higher parallel performance, that's perfectly fine. 2600x should do great. I'm on a 1700 at 3.8 and a x370 prime. Very tempted to put a 2700x in my system.
Looking to upgrade and the new Ryzens are definitely giving me lots to think about. Struggling to pull the trigger... I'm impatiently waiting for the release in a few days and some solid reviews and benchmarks.
I've been wanting to upgrade my pc for a while, i need to put to rest this old ass 660 gtx. What bothers me are the GPU's prices. I wanted to get a 1080 but NVIDIA recently released the 1070ti. I know both are close in performance, and that the 1070ti OC is a beast but i don't really like OC my gpus that much. What i am asking is, should i wait for 1080 prices to drop or just get 1070ti, since the price difference is not so close here.
Currently using a Samsung 830 256gb SSD as my main drive, wanna up it a bit. Thinking of getting an Intel 600P as my main drive with a Crucial MX500 as a secondary SSD. Yes or no?
I don't believe 600P's are all that special. Maybe look at the newer WD black m.2's. Pretty competitive to a 960 Evo while being cheaper. Pretty similar to 600P price.
out of curiosity https://i.imgur.com/VN1gAko.png is this good or should a R5 1400+1050 Ti be better?
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