• Looking for Gamemode Developing Team. Project: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Gamemode (CO-OP)
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  • Idea: Create a 'S.T.A.L.K.E.R. SHADOW OF CHERNOBIL' RP gamemode (not that dumb darkrp port, but the real HorrorFPS + RP game). Current Project State: -Done 3 Anomalies, 2 zones(radiation and 99% psi); -Developing a 'escape' location; -Ported/Downloaded from garrysmod.org 30% of models, materials, sounds needed; -Creating a Weapon, Dialog, Outfit base scripts, configs, entities. Will be done in 0.1a: Groups: Stalkers, Bandits, Millitarists, Traders; Locations: Escape; Weapons: PM, PB, BM, Toz34, Mp5, Ak74/47/u, RGD; Outfits: Newbie, Newbie-M, Bandit's, Bandits-M, Millitary, SpecOps, Stalker; Items: Medkit, Medkit-Army, Bandage, Bread, Water, Vodka, Kolbasa, Tushenka, Non-Stop; Functional: Dialogs, Trade, Base Storyline, Additional Quests, PDA, Inventory; NPC-s: Wolf, Sidorovich, Bandits, Neutrals, Millitarists, Fox; Mobs: Blind Dogs, Pseudodog, Boar, PseudoFlesh; Anomalies/Zones: Tramplin, Plesh, Zharka; Already Done: Anomalies, Zone-Radiation, PM, PB, BM, AK74, Outfit Configs, Item Configs, Some Scripting Stuff, Groups System;