• Squad NPC STool (with "Precision" placement)
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  • [QUOTE=Wizey!;24662106]Wasnt it just as easy to set a key value...[/QUOTE] That's all right click does, sets the keyvalue "squadname" to whatever value you apply. That works, and the keyvalue is set if you check it, but it doesn't seem to change their behavior.
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  • I would never have imagined that the npc's could get so great, simply by putting them in a squad...
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  • Suggestion: 'Walk' and 'March Formation' tick boxes. I want to have a bunch of combine just walking and marching. Other small ideas; Waypoint (select squad member (selects whole squad)) and place some points, they go to them and then go to the next one, map should help if it has nodes so they can navigate to the next node easier. Keypad setting (so if I want I can have all squads go at once or I can have it one-by-one keys)
  • I second Black-Ice's suggestion. Implement a waypoint function allowing us to create paths for single and multiple NPCs. And allow them to move in a continuous circle, for example around a builiding, so a map like Big City can appear populated. There are some add-ons that do some of these things but there needs to be something better.