• Giving money in DarkRP
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  • What is the command to give people money in darkrp? I am making something like a moneyprinter but I want to give the money directly to the person. How would I do this? Thanks
  • A super admin in DarkRP has the command rp_setmoney <player> <amount> Get the players money and you can add the money you want to give and yea.. To get somones money you can e.g. do (depends where you script it, but in this case in a server side I guess) Im not sure this will work, but you can give a try: [code] local currentMoney = LocalPlayer():GetNWString("Money") local newMoney = currentMoney + (Your local for the money you want to give or just a number) <Then the console command to set the money with "newMoney"> [/code] I guess this doesn't work 90%, but you at least get the point :)