• SWEP glitches
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  • So, I've gotten to the point of having SWEPS that I can use in both single player and multi player with very few errors. I just want to figure out how to fix the few remaining ones. The sweps work by spawning entity bullets at the players gun, not by traces like CSS or HL2 bullets. They work perfectly in single player, but every time I fire a shot in multi player it still shoots but gives me this error; Can't find factory for entity: gdcwa_5.56x45_tracer And when I use them in my fretta gamemode it gives this error; ERROR: Trying to derive entity gdcwa_5.56x45_tracer from non existant entity base_gmodentity! In the entity file for the bullet these lines are included in SHARED ENT.Type = "anim" ENT.Base = "base_gmodentity" OK, next problem. I don't get any errors from this part but it's not working the way I want it to. So I made my sweps usable by default rebel and combine NPCs. The rebels seem to be able to shoot all AR, pistol, and SMG hold type guns with no problems, but the combine can't shoot any of them except for the metrocops who can only shoot pistols. It gives me no console errors when they try. In my code, I have these lines; function SWEP:Initialize() if SERVER then self:SetCurrentWeaponProficiency(WEAPON_PROFICIENCY_VERY_GOOD) -- <-- This sentence isn't in my code, I just wan't to say that the space between the Y and C isn't in my code and only displays on this page. self:SetWeaponHoldType("ar2") self:SetNPCMinBurst(1) self:SetNPCMaxBurst(30) self:SetNPCFireRate(self.Primary.Delay) end end Remember these are entity spawning guns and they give no errors for NPCs. The rebels and metrocops can shoot them(and have some pretty sweet shootouts) but combine soldiers can't. Please help! Hopefully I gave all the information you need to assess this. By the way if there is any way to improve their accuracy and range let me know!