• I need help with an Function for an entity.
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  • Hello, thanks for taking time to help me with this. I made an entity for my RP server, but i want it to explode when people shoot it or any other form of damage. I tried to cast a look on the codes from DarkRP but it dident help me out well. So thats why im asking you guys! Thanks on advance, goodbye. [highlight](User was banned for this post ("Wrong section" - Gran PC))[/highlight]
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  • [url]http://bananatree.im/wiki/wiki.garrysmod.com/index8221.html?title=ENT.OnTakeDamage[/url] Assuming it's a scripted entity. Otherwise look at [url]http://bananatree.im/wiki/wiki.garrysmod.com/indexedfa.html?title=Gamemode.EntityTakeDamage[/url]