• LUA Virus by joining server (?)
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  • I have been on Garry's Mod for about two months and have joined many sandbox servers. However, I've been going to one server in particular that uses advanced tools and advanced stuff in general, it is run by a guy called Revolving Rec0n. I've learnt quite alot of stuff from him, he's a very interesting guy if you're willing to want to build more than just a car with thrusters and wheels. He logs everything that people do, whether he's online or offline, so there's no hiding if you do something mingey. He keeps telling me he logs everything, but one thing that made me raise an eyebrow was how he can look into people's Advanced Duplicator folders. This immediately made me suspicious since all Adv Dupes are stored in a folder on your PC, so if he can see what's inside, then surely he can see what's on anyone's PC. Unfortunately, I was right. He tells me that when I joined the server, I apparently downloaded a lua virus. He could freeze my PC right now if he wanted to, but he claims that garry himself gave him such a power. He also claims to be a developer for Gmod. The reason I'm posting here? I want to see if this is actually true, or if it is just bullshit. I don't want ANYONE to be even capable of hacking into my PC, no matter how famous or well-respected people are. So, do lua viruses actually exist and can he actually hack into my computer, or is he talking straight out of his ass? EDIT: I just realised that there's a questions subform, pardon me for not seeing that :/
  • This guy is a liar, and you are dumb for believing this. Infact, the server can read your data folder and basicly everything in your gmod folder, but nothing else.