• Need Scripter For Deathrun Gamemode
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  • before i start don't bother saying abuse like "u expect us to make a gamemode for free"(because i don't have the money yet) im not asking for the best deathrun gamemode from the start, anyway i'm starting a new server soon and i need a couple of scripters who are willing to help me out make this server somewhat successful and in the later stages i will pay u for helping out.If u want more info my steam name is ✰DarkShad✰
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  • Why reinvent the wheel? Sassilization has made Deathrun for base before, and Deathrun also exists for Fretta. You can run a Fretta server and only use Deathrun on it. Alternatively, go back to CS:S.
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  • I would just run this [URL="http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=102518"]deathrun[/URL] gamemode.