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  • Hello guys , well i have a problem running my server in multiplayer ( voice server ) , i get some LUA errors that i never had :/ here is the lua errors [img]http://i45.tinypic.com/5ed7k1.png[/img] ( Not THe ULX , Its Something Else, Well This Lines: Trying To Open " Q Menu " ( Inventory , Character Skills Area ) [code] function GM:OnSpawnMenuOpen() if !LocalPlayer().Data then return end GAMEMODE.MainMenu = GAMEMODE.MainMenu or vgui.Create("mainmenu") GAMEMODE.MainMenu:Center() GAMEMODE.MainMenu:SetTargetAlpha(255) GAMEMODE.MainMenu.Frame:SetVisible(true) gui.EnableScreenClicker(true) RestoreCursorPosition() GAMEMODE.MainMenu.PlayersTab:LoadPlayers() GAMEMODE.MainMenu.InventoryTab:ReloadAmmoDisplay() GAMEMODE.MainMenu.CharacterTab:LoadHeader() GAMEMODE.MainMenu.CharacterTab:LoadMasters() end [/code] Line 59 Error [code] GAMEMODE.MainMenu.InventoryTab:ReloadAmmoDisplay() [/code] When You Log Into This Server [code] if SERVER then hook.Add("PlayerSpawn", "PlayerSpawn_Stats", function(ply) for name, stat in pairs(GAMEMODE.DataBase.Stats) do if ply.Stats then ply:SetStat(name, ply:GetStat(name)) if stat.OnSpawn then stat:OnSpawn(ply, ply:GetStat(name)) end end end ply:AddStat("stat_agility", ply.ToMakeUpAgility or 0) ply.ToMakeUpAgility = 0 end) end if CLIENT then usermessage.Hook("UD_UpdateStats", function(usrMsg) LocalPlayer():SetStat(usrMsg:ReadString(), usrMsg:ReadLong()) end [/code] Line 49 Error [code] LocalPlayer():SetStat(usrMsg:ReadString(), usrMsg:ReadLong()) [/code] Thanks , Schiaffino [highlight](User was banned for this post ("Wrong section" - Gran PC))[/highlight]