• GetInfo and GetInfoNum not getting correct values :S
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  • So basically the ConVars are saving on the client side because everytime I open the menu it keeps the same values you left it as... [lua] --Clientside CreateClientConVar( "ev_settings_undercover_name", "nil", true, false ) CreateClientConVar( "ev_settings_undercover_enabled", "0", true, true ) CreateClientConVar( "ev_settings_undercover_lastjoin", "0", true, true ) --Serverside local undercovername = ply:GetInfo( "ev_settings_undercover_name" ) local undercover = ply:GetInfoNum( "ev_settings_undercover_enabled" ) local undercoverlastjoin = ply:GetInfoNum( "ev_settings_undercover_lastjoin" ) evolve:Notify( ply, evolve.colors.white, "name " .. undercovername .. " enabled " .. undercover .. " lastjoin " .. undercoverlastjoin ) [/lua] This keeps printing "name enabled 0 lastjoin 0" even when I change the value of enabled and lastjoin. No errors.
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  • Chessnut: Enabled and LastJoin have those arguments set to true but still aren't giving the correct values. Wizard of Ass: Not sure what you mean, but if you are asking if it is use-able on the server instance... according to GLua Search ( currently down ), it is a shared function.
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  • I've had problems with this too. For me it only seems to work whenever I change the ConVar ingame.