• How do scripted NPC's work in GMod 13?
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  • Since we moved over to GMod 13 all SNPC's have broken. I'm curious as to what the actual changes are to how SNPC's now work in GMod, and I'm also wondering if there are some examples out there? I tried using Silverlan's SNPC base, however none of the SNPC's I make with it deal any damage what so ever.
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  • I too am very curious, as the gamemode I am working on will require SNPCs. Followed a couple of tutorials and replicated other people's SNPCs, but all are having numerous errors.
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  • [QUOTE=almcaeobtac;38509973]I'm getting some sort of error when setting an snpc to run a schedule.[/QUOTE] From what I could gather, that's Garry's fault for breaking some function. Disseminate posted a temporary fix, but it didn't work for me.
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  • Sorry for the bump but I'm also in search for some sort of tutorial and/or fix.