• Running Garry's Mod in a window.
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  • Hi guys, I've been having problems with my gmod recently, i usually run it in a window not a full-screen. But recently when i enter the game the main menu shows static black bars and lines everywhere. So i tried full-screening, all that did was make the whole freaking game pure BLACK. So now I can't get it back to window mode. Is their any way to get it to a window mode without being in game??
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  • THAAAANKS hope it works [b]Edit:[/b] Also, like i said is there any way to get rid of those black bars? it makes it so I can't see anything in game. It like makes parts of the spawn menu disappear and the weapons bar.
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  • Ok but now how do i get it to run in full screen again? Never mind i found it is "-fullscreen"
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  • [QUOTE=ducktape;16124164]where can you find the launch options[/QUOTE] Right click Garry's Mod in your STEAM Games secton and click properties. There should be a "Set Launch Options..." tab.