• [Need Help] Garry's Mod Closing
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  • Hello Facepunchers, I recently started having some problems with my Garry's Mod, Maybe 4 days ago. Whenever I join my sandbox server it closes my game, It doesn't crash it (hl2.exe has stopped working), It just closes the game with no warning. I had a few of my administrators join and they all had the same problem, Many players can still join the server, So we came to a conclusion. Everyone that gets their game closed is running on Windows 7 64 Bit. I asked some of the players that could still play in the server and none of them were using Windows 7 64 Bit. I would really appreciate if someone could help me out, I have been wanting to build some stuff lately. I'm going to post the server's IP address on here, Please don't think i'm trying to advertise because this is a serious problem and I really need this fixed. IP: Thanks in advance. [highlight](User was banned for this post ("Wrong section" - postal))[/highlight]
  • This has been happening to my server to, any one above admin I believe gets kicked. I have read up on this and this started happening after the last update and people are saying you get kicked if you are above admin or something like that. It is rather annoying my server is 40/40 and no admins can get in because it kicks them. It seems best explained here - [url]http://forums.ulyssesmod.net/index.php/topic,5628.msg25767/topicseen.html#msg25767[/url]
  • I did read it, I'll try to demote a player and see if he can join without his admin rank.