• Bit-Block Gaming Half Life 2 Roleplay
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  • This is a good server, sometimes has minge problems but that is mostly due to it being new. The admins are very active, and the players are looking for a way to expand the community and make it more enjoyable.
  • [QUOTE=Spencer Sharkey;36371444]openAura. Stop. [editline]17th June 2012[/editline] +1 for the cheesy derma edits.[/QUOTE] If you would like to see the old derma we had feel free to pm me. We took it off because it was too similar to clockworks character screen. But if you have nothing intelligent or supportive to say please get out of the thread. Anyways we are looking for police, and other factions. We have another server that is a Nova Prospekt rp in developement along with a new map for it.
  • First this isn't an alt I am a legitimate user. The op isn't the owner I asked him to post it for me because I didn't have a account. And try not to assume. Thanks.