• How to advertise on a Gmod server?
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  • I've recently bought a Garry's mod server running DarkRP and I am looking for ways I can pay for server costs. Initially, I planned on having people donate to become Admin or Donator status, but I realized it was getting out of control with shit-for-brains becoming admins and abusing. Then I found I could use Sharecash (Which if you don't know, is a site where you can earn money by having somebody complete a survey in order to download your uploaded file, in which in my case was just a "Thanks for supporting.txt"). It payed good money (60 cents per submission) but I've heard its always very lengthy and sometimes never ends, also, it requires a myriad of personal information that nobody cared to give away. And even though I had a fake credential generator, those took too long for most people. So I also wanted to try using adf.ly in addition to Sharecash by shrinking the link. However, that requires the person to look at the page for more than 5 seconds to skip an ad, and only raises a little bit of money. I was thinking I could add that to the MOTD so that it loads up automatically, but then I remembered that on some TF2 servers it would play a video ad, which I assumed went towards paying for the server. Are there any other sites that offer payment for a view of an ad that I can embed to be automatically viewed with the MOTD? Or is there anything you suggest?
  • Some tips, Adf.ly is shit, do adfoc.us, pays better and you don't have to click skip ad so anyone connecting will give you a fraction of a cent or so. It also has little video advertisements so that won't be a problem. I have a popular tf2 saxton hale server, raised about 30 bucks in a month, which is enough for server costs with little left over. Though DarkRp is a problem, you don't do much map switching with that so less motd views. If you're going with DarkRp then don't expect 30 bucks a month. Besides, Rp is shit. If you go with Adfoc.us, please let me "refer" you so I can get a little boost for myself, if you would be so kind.
  • I might go with adfoc.us ill check it out but sure, you can refer me. And RP is a lot more fun when you are an admin :P [editline]25th February 2012[/editline] And I could get quite a few views because I have the MOTD in front of spawn so everybody that spawns will click and activate it
  • Yes I agree, Rp is more fun as an admin, but that just shows how bad it is for non-admins :V For extra cash, you could put a link in the loading/downloading screen, a popup motd and a world motd with ads. Of course, all three would need to be seperate links because adfoc.us lowers the value for each duplicate click. So with three links each person connecting would give you 3 times the amount of money than with your one motd ad. This is pushing it a bit with your advertisements, but if it's going towards the server then your members should be okay with it.
  • I'm receiving about 2 dollars a day from this now btw. I placed it in the sv_loadingurl. Works well. Including Donators, server should be well payed for!
  • Don't pay Use SRCDS for free [url]http://www.srcds.com/db/engine.php?subaction=showfull&id=1097362093[/url] Saves alot of money
  • Why did you bump the thread? Also you do realise that he's using SRCDS but on a payed host so that he has 1 PC dedicated for a server, right?