• SBEP just broken up
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  • Hello I have recently reinstalled gmod and used Gmod SVN Updater and udpated all i got before, so, i started game, and wanted to PWN some n00bs on multiplayer, I jointed server and my weapon mounts wont work anymore, I tried SP and still not working, i got these errors Manned turret: [CODE][@addons\sbep_experimental\lua\entities\mannedturret\init.lua:229] bad argument #2 to '?' (Vector expected, got Angle) [/CODE] Vierling Mount: [CODE] [@addons\sbep_entities\lua\entities\sf-vierling\init.lua:224] bad argument #2 to '?' (Vector expected, got Angle) [/CODE] And lots of other errors Can you help me solve it? Please, I tried teh old version of gmod, but that version wont work anymore :(
  • have you edited/looked at the code? sometimes you just accidently press a button when you close it
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  • [@addons\sbep_experimental\lua\entities\mannedturret\init.lua:229] [code] physi1:AddAngleVelocity((physi1:GetAngleVelocity() * -1) + Angle(0,Pitch,0)) [/code] to [code] physi1:AddAngleVelocity((physi1:GetAngleVelocity() * -1) + Vector(0,Pitch,0)) [/code] [@addons\sbep_entities\lua\entities\sf-vierling\init.lua:224] [code] physi:AddAngleVelocity((physi:GetAngleVelocity() * -1) + Angle(0,0,-Yaw)) physi2:AddAngleVelocity((physi2:GetAngleVelocity() * -1) + Angle(0,Pitch,0)) [/code] To [code] physi:AddAngleVelocity((physi:GetAngleVelocity() * -1) + Vector(0,0,-Yaw)) physi2:AddAngleVelocity((physi2:GetAngleVelocity() * -1) + Vector(0,Pitch,0)) [/code]
  • I have this same problem too, the models are fine, but about 90% of the entities refuse to work. The Arwing, just about all the weapons and most of the SENTS just give me LUA errors when I try to use them. Also the Arwing just spawns a soda can and spams LUA errors. I'm on the latest version of everything, and I have all the requirements listed on the wiki. I have used SBEP before, and it's worked fine. Only now when I try to use it it just doesn't work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.