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  • Hello im new here :) I was downloaded garrys mod 2 days ago with wire and its extra i like it.One day i see the garrys mod 13 beta and searched for non steam but theres no that.So can anyone tell me how i can get non steam version of gmod 13 beta please :P [highlight](User was permabanned for this post ("Pirated gmod" - JohnnyMo1))[/highlight]
  • Theres no such thing as a non-steam version of GMod 13 and out of curiosity, where did you download your normal Garrys mod?
  • i have gmod 11 non steam from piratebay downloaded with addons and other things...
  • You best buy it with whatever currency you have then before Overlord Garry himself sees this.
  • When i went to non steam server it says Host_Error: Unexepected authentication protocol 542737675! or says:Connection failed after 4 retries! Is there any fix?