• Setting up GMod stranded server remotely
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  • I am trying to find some useful information on how to go about getting my new stranded server setup. I ran into my first problem right off the bat trying to connect to my own server it tells me the Server is using different class tables. Any insight or a finger in the right direction would be much appreciated. Ps. I have done some googling for this topic but all I find are clients complaining about getting this message.. IM more interested in what to do if your running the server and clients get the message.
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  • You need to update the server. If you used a tut to create the server then it should say how to update. Otherwise someone else will guide you on how to as I forgot. D:
  • I am using Clan Base Live to host the server they offer the full installation of gmod to be put on in the beginning.. I also ran the tool that comes in my control panel to update steam which I have done. This did allow the server to download some files to me when I tried to connect again but in the end still the same message appears..
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  • I take it you just tried to update the server using that tool? That should have worked. Close gmod down. If it starts updating then thats probably why. Leave it to finish updating then join the server. If not, try and connect to the server again. If none of it works, I don't know whats wrong.
  • I got the server updated to where I can connect now.. apparently it was coincidence that gmod updated as im setting this server up.. it was my client that needed the update. Now onto bigger things! I need to attempt to get a stranded copy onto the server.