• A Death Rider of Krieg
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  • [IMG]http://filesmelt.com/dl/DeathKorps3.png[/IMG] The horse gas mask is just a skyrim helmet, the leg of the Argonian in iron plate, and Nemisis' rape tentacles for hoses. Thanks to their respective authors, garrysmod.org is down so I can't identify you. Also props to the dude that ported the Morrowind spears
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  • [QUOTE=guywiththesuit;39711568]Where in God's name is this model?[/QUOTE] Congratulations on your first post. You can go back to lurking now.
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  • [QUOTE=ChestyMcGee;35737564]clever use of models could have done with the horse not being cut off at the top[/QUOTE] I didn't notice that was a helmet on the horse's snout until I read this. Very good job.