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@SteebJerbs are you still giving out GG? the wiremod forums are shut down and unsearchable now
@badryg sure brotha https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/111575/98bc6220-4312-4f35-8828-28cdbae10a8a/__ela_rainbow_six_siege_drawn_by_fj_wu_cheng_en__49bf74f623f425f2195203164482f405.jpg
@bitches https://i.imgur.com/1zaZ4d8/.jpg It's obviously nsfw and 18+ and all that stuff
@HappyHead I'll never give you any coins :smiling_imp:
@Darksoul you asked me to pm ya
@MightyDutxch No I just told you where this section was you silly goose.
No u xd
@Erfly give me all of your coin this is aa robbery 🔫
@everyone hey does this work
@spenver @Rocko's is this cheating/gameban? Steam Community < the id https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJd97YMJdEQ
@Exooodus hi
@turke wuddup
@rustrabbit couldn't bring myself to care, forwarded to anti-cheater team
@Phygon Nice new avatar/background combo.
@ss013r Thanks, I grew it myself
@Darksoul imgkk image list gets fucky on 1440p with 125% DPI scaling
@Inacio i finally managed to fix my background due to your free diamond thanks cutie
@Portugalotaku jose memes time?
@Hell-met can I add you on steam I need someone to circlejerk TF2 balance discussion with
@Inacio stop stealing all my coins already
@Missy Q Is that you, Golden?
@Annoyed Grunt Dork
@Reagy https://playdeadmatter.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2018_03/loss.png.cd5820f23620f4ce2831da3a92d972d0.png I can't fucking believe you've done this. I thought I was going insane and seeing Loss in places it wasn't until I saw the user/filename.
Best camo in that competition right?
@Portugalotaku I showed you my dick, now answer me!
@Inacio read your oldpunch pms already.
@Burre.png Hey corn boy give me the corn coin
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