• What to do with my MacBook Air?
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Since we've got a macOS section now, let's talk about Apple laptops! So about 5 years ago I bought a MacBook Air, 11 inch (128gb). I bought it with the intention to compile iOS applications on it, not much more. Since then I've been distracted with about a thousand other projects that have nothing to do with anything from Apple and the machine turned into an overpriced Netflix viewer. I've held on for it too long and it's currently catching dust in a drawer somewhere in my house. So my question is, is there anything fun I can do with it? Oh and best idea gets 20 coins
https://www.reddit.com/r/homelab/ I'd personally just repaste the cpu and then turn it into a remote server of some sort because laptops are always p nice for power efficiency By "remote server of some sort" i mean "another one joins the nextcloud federation borg"
Would indeed make a useful "service" center for your network. I find it convenient to have a machine running on my home network with SSH access. From there I can create a secure tunnel for RDP if I need to etc.
I'd say the best is a server of sorts if you just don't enjoy MacOS laptops as a primary laptop. I think they're the best laptop experience out there right now, but that's just my preference (and it helps that I have an iPhone, iPad, Watch, and Apple TV) In addition to the suggestion above, if you have iOS devices in the house, try running it as a caching server. This can be enabled easily in MacOS High Sierra's preferences under the Sharing section, and basically what it does is caches app files, (encrypted) iCloud photos, and software updates from Apple's servers, so that your Mac serves it instead. This can lead to a dramatic increase in download speed across iOS devices and other Macs, as they no longer need to go all the way to Apple to download stuff. Instead, they can grab it off the local network, which will be extremely fast. You could also just do the generic Plex server. Plug in an external HDD for more storage and drop it in some corner somewhere to sit and serve movies and TV. Finally, you could just sell it. You could still get a decent price out of it these days, as Apple laptops don't really depreciate as badly as your generic run of the mill Dell or Toshiba.
I like the idea of making it a home server a lot. I'll leave the reward as it stands and wait for some other people to come with ideas. But if by next Sunday there isn't a good idea I'll accept your answer, Snek.
sell it and buy a used pc for a server and some blow
Play lose/lose to wipe your files off the machine
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