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Here's another error - The 'Change background colour/ change floor colour' option in FacePoser simply doesn't work... Also, [i] how [/i] do you run custom VCDs in GMod or HL2? I don't seem to be able to...
Loz ZC Level Design Reply
I finally managed to get this to work! It's an awesome tool, really handy, and loads of fun. I can see it totally changing GMod movies. Can I suggest that the Track-list context menu be closed by re-pressing 'C'? It's a small thing but it would just make things easier.
Loz ZC Developing Reply
This looks like an awesome addon, just the sort of thing I've beem looking for and I wish I could use it, but I keep getting 'attempted to index a nil value' errors. Any ideas on how to solve this?
Loz ZC Developing Reply