Terms of Service
Here are the rules of Garry's Mod. If you don’t agree with them please do not buy or play. We want to keep this document as clear as possible so it doesn’t cover every eventuality.. but it should cover the important stuff.

What you can do

  • You can play the game.
  • You can create videos.
  • You can create screenshots.
  • You can live steam the game

What you can’t do

Please dont do any of these things unless we tell you in writing that you can:

  • Distribute, hack or modify Garry's Mod (any of it, executables, libraries, scripts, art, code).
  • Use third party programs to gain an advantage in the game. (cheats)
  • Do anything we or you might consider naughty or illegal

The exception to the above, please feel free to modify and distribute the server in any way that you feel we won’t disapprove of. If you modify the server to increase your server’s visibility on the serverlist we won’t be happy.

What you can expect of us

We don’t make any promises about the contents of Garry's Mod – including what it does, how it does it, future patches, beta versions, reliability. If Garry's Mod breaks we will try to fix it as soon as humanly possible.

To detect cheats, hacking and to improve Garry's Mod we might periodically report back to our servers with a variety of data. This might include, but is not limited to, your hardware statistics and your frame rate. Any of this information will only be used to detect cheats and improve the quality of the game. It won’t contain any personal information beyond your SteamID.

We reserve the right to stop you using all or some of Garry's Mod if we catch you using any kind of malicious software to degrade the experience of other players.

We reserve the right to change these rules at any time as we think necessary. If we do – we’ll put the updated version here. Facepunch Studios LTD is based in the UK so if there’s any kind of legal stuff or dispute about Garry's Mod – they’ll be governed by English Law and by the English Courts.