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schedule 28 November 2011

Beta Update 8

If you’re lucky enough to be a part of the GMod beta I’ve just sent an update to Valve - which should be live within the next few hours.

Here’s the changes between this version and the last version.

  • Added extra check in PlayerDeath
  • Fixed odd console print order issues
  • Removed PixelRender 
  • New freeze/unfreeze effects
  • New physgun grab effect
  • Removing no longer reported in the console
  • Added new console
  • Fixed crashing on invalid sound
  • Added Entity:HasBoneManipulations()
  • Added MenuSystem:RawConsoleCommand()
  • Lua is stricter, errors more
  • Added Entity:GetLocalAngularVelocity()
  • Added Entity:SetLocalAngularVelocity( angle )
  • Added Entity:Use( activator, caller, use_type, value )
  • PlayerConnect hook no longer passes IP Address clientside
  • Fixed wrong bullet collisions on SENTS with custom physics objects [verify]
  • Added scripted_ents.Alias( from, to ) [verify]
  • Added string.JavascriptSafe( str ) [verify]
  • Effects can now be loaded from effects/effectname.lua
  • Added DMenuBar
  • DMenu can specify whether they should be deleted when closed
  • Overlay panels will no longer draw if hidden (!)
  • Added menubar library 
  • Added menu option checking
  • Added DMenuOptionCVar  
  • Added Entity:GetMomentaryRotButtonPos( ang )
  • Fixed security in file.FindDir
  • Entity:SetColor now only takes a Color table 
  • Entity:GetColor now only returns a Color table
  • Beta Fixes & Changes
  • Fixed user messages failing on first usage
  • Fixed crashes in net.Send
  • Fixed crashes in net.SendOmit
  • Fixed middle mouse scrolling on menu
  • Fixed widget bone Lua error
  • Fixed bone merged entities render bounds
  • Fixed dedicated servers trying to open menusystem
  • Fixed some SENTs not loading
  • Fixed AI bones getting messed up with ai disabled
  • Fixed balloons, hoverballs not working
  • Fixed net.WriteFloat not working as expected
  • Prevented physgun and SWEPS from firing at widgets
  • Fixed Lua error on saving spawnmenu
  • Removed bone manipulator tool 
  • Added DHTML:ScrollToBottom()
  • Panel:Add now takes a table too 
  • Removed debug code from Material
  • Fixed drag drop error
  • Fixed Lua error when deleting selected tree node
  • Disabled props->removing players
  • Added remove effect to props->remove
  • Added net.ReadBit
  • Filled out net Write and Read vars (Read/Write table should work) [verify]
  • Fixed menu spacers
  • Fixed Shotgun, crowbar, gravitygun ignoring widgets

For more info on the Beta - including how to get in and how to report bugs, please see this thread.

For more info on this particular update please see this thread.

For info on how the update will break your scripts, see this google doc.