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schedule 15 November 2011

Professional Lua Coder needed!

IHUG Offices

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

Ideal Hosting UG is looking to hire a professional Lua coder with various other coding experience. We are looking to create a new Garry’s Mod game mode with unique ideas and features set on a RP element, we aim for the Action/RPG genre.  You will be required to work 35 hours a week, and have regular meetings with Ideal Hosting in our Team Speak server, you must also be fluent in English. Our time zone is GMT + 1, please keep this in mind and work around it. Upon being hired you will receive a steam account with all of the games and tools required to do your job. Our payment range is between $3000 USD to $5000 USD. 

The full job description and other required things are listed over at Keep in mind this is a private listing so you will have to register if you are interested.

We look forward to seeing you,

Robert Batchelor & The Ideal Hosting team.