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  • (Un)Subscribing to an addon while in a map now refreshes the Spawnmenu > Browse > Addons section to contain the new addons or remove the deleted addons
  • Spawnmenu > Browse > Games also refreshes when a game is mounted or unmounted
  • You can now open the workshop addon on Steam directly from Spawnmenu > Browse > Addons by right clicking
  • You can now right click on any folder in Spawnmenu > Browse > Games to quickly generate a spawnlist for that folder and its subfolders
  • Added duplicated NPC settings to the NPC spawnmenu tab under NPC categories so they are easier to find
  • Added "Games" label to the mountable games button to hopefully better direct players to it, and added "Not Owned" / "Not installed" labels so there's no questions about which icon means what
  • Added Problems panel which displays Lua Errors with quick way to disable/uninstall/report the problematic addon and reports common problems with a button to quickly fix the issue where applicable
  • Workshop content downloading (server addons, dupes, saves) after joining a server/singleplayer will now be displayed with the usual Workshop download progress interface
  • Server browser now has "Add to favorites" button for every server in every section, not just in the Favorites section
  • Server browser will now display an Outdated "tag" when a server is running a version of the game different to the version the client is running. Players can still try to join such servers
  • Added total server and gamemode count readouts to the server browser
  • Added sv_location convar for servers, which is used to set a custom flag icon for the server in the server browser so players can more easily find servers from a preferred location or of a language they can understand
  • Added more filtering/sorting options to the server browser: Gamemode list sorting by server count/name. Server filters by player count and ping
  • Added gamemode categories to the server browser to help players more easily find their preferred gameplay styles. Currently available categories are PvP, PvE, Roleplay and Other. It may take some time for community servers and gamemodes to define tags


  • The "Add current server to Favorites" button now changes to "Remove current server from favorites" if the server is already in favorites
  • Addons that have failed to download or are waiting to be downloaded will now display in the Addons menu. Their description also explains why they are not working
  • Do not copy old API .gma subscriptions to .gma.outdated files when an update is needed, the copied file is never used
  • Added map icons for new Fistful of Frags and CS:GO maps
  • Display a UI message when we failed to find models for an addon in Spawnmenu > Browse > Addons
  • Improvements to main menu's bottom navbar for tiny screen resolutions
  • Added "Any/All" aspect ratio to the Video options that shows all supported screen resolutions by the GPU, made it default
  • Added default bindings to Mouse4 and Mouse5 - “Previous weapon” and “Voice chat” respectively. Existing settings unaffected
  • Added extra space for map names in the server list for screens that can fit it
  • Adjusted the server info area of the server browser to show the full server name even if it is too long
  • Fixed player list in the server browser sometimes appearing broken due to long player names
  • Changed server browser search text fields placeholder text to better represent what they search through
  • Added an outline/border to text fields in server browser so they are visible better on bright backgrounds
  • More consistent styling for text boxes in the main menu between operating systems and beta branches
  • Improved performance of the translation system in the main menu
  • Improved performance of the "first click" on the "Start New Game" menu


  • The decal limit now uses r_decals's current value (with a maximum of 8192), not its default value, which is 2048. Must be set before a map is loaded
  • Fixed Lua errors when generating Spawnmenu tabs when a modded entity or a weapon does not have a Category set, or it is not valid
  • menu_cleanupgmas now takes into account addons that updated to ISteamUGC API from the old API, which makes their old .gma in addons/ unused
  • Fixed subscribed addons not being able to update in the main menu due to them being mounted/used while updating
  • Fixed loading screen progress bar going backwards at certain points, and added more steps to the very end
  • Fixed sounds becoming too quiet sometimes such as underwater when using the new Sound Effects Volume slider
  • Added kill feed translation for point_template (Found on Half-Life 2: Episode 2 maps)
  • Fixed properties (Hold C > Right click on a prop) not working on map/brush entities
  • Fixed DMenuOptions text color not being affected by currently active Derma skin (Community Contribution)
  • Fixed border color of "Server is full" button in the server browser so it matches the color of the button itself (Community Contribution)
  • Fixed "Disable Sprays" checkbox sometimes not being clickable due to it being covered up the invisible part of the label above it
  • Fixed Motor tool applying torque incorrectly when attached to a prop that is rotated 90 or 180 degree from initial position
  • Fixed an issue where dragging icons from Browse => Addons/Games and resizing them would not properly move all other icons to fit the resized icon
  • Potential fixes for models becoming errors on map reload (Fixes L4D1 maps crashing on load)