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  • Enabled "Visual Styles 6.0", so Hammer's UI styles should now match OS
  • Added icons for env_sun, point_template and info_lighting_relative,
  • Added targetname keyvalue to light_environment (with a warning about file size) and updated the key names and help text of other keyvalues to better explain what each key does
  • Added "Sprinkle" tool from CS:GO (with an example sprinkle definition)
  • Added Random XYZ and Offset Z to Sprinkle tool
  • Added the Sprinkle Tool to the left sidebar
  • Added func_pendulum to the .fgd
  • Added info_lighting_relative to the fgd
  • Added (Set)LightingOrigin(Hack) inputs and keyvalues to prop_dynamic and all NPCs and (Set)ModelScale for prop_physics, prop_dynamic and NPCs
  • Added a preventative warning when trying to convert a displacement to an entity (Map with that won't compile)
  • Added fade distance keyvalues for prop_door_rotating
  • Texture Browser => Mark now marks decals/overlays if no solids with given texture were marked
  • Creating a new VMF will now spawn a simple box in front of the camera for orientation and select the "Selection" tool
  • Hammer will now select the nodraw texture on VMF load and when creating a new VMF rather than the first texture which will be random depending on custom content installed


  • Added a missing tooltip for ID_TOOLS_DISP_DRAWREMOVEDVERTS (One of the buttons on the top toolbar)
  • Horizontal resizing of Texture Browser now moves the buttons that would cover the current texture text
  • Adjusted the Texture Application Tool UI (Face Edit Sheet window) to fit longer texture names
  • Added extra width to the right side toolbar so Auto Visgroups can fit without a horizontal scrollbar
  • Adjusted icons for env_skypaint, lua_run (To remove the ugly white lines around the image) and info_lighting
  • Adjusted "Run Map [Advanced]" window to fit more parameters and made the newlines work in the Parameters text box
  • Increased textbox size of Texture scale so it fits the longest value it can have
  • Minor visual adjustments to Object Properties window
  • Made "Show Detail Objects" setting save across sessions
  • Moved the "use count" in texture browser above the texture name and fixed the opaque/self-illum/transparency icons to display properly
  • Made the "Entity Report" window a bit wider and stretched the bottom controls to the right edge
  • Changed the default 3D view type to "Textured Shaded" from "Wireframe"
  • Texture Browser's current selection is now a read only editable text box so you can copy from it
  • Replaced "Select Folder" dialogs in Options menu with the more modern ones
  • Increased the text fields width for many things in the first tab of Object Properties window
  • Model Browser now scrolls to the selected model
  • Marked "Hinge Axis" of prop_door_rotating as non functioning so there is no question about it. ("Fixing" it would break all existing maps)
  • "angles" keyvalue will no longer be created with values "0 0 0" when moving objects that have a model in the editor (such as decals)
  • Opening Entity Report for a different VMF when the Entity Report is already open will now properly recreate it for the currently active VMF
  • Added "CTRL+(SHIFT+)V" text to "Paste (Special)" in right click menus to let the user know about the existence of these shortcuts


  • Fixed Auto visgroups UI being rebuilt for each solid face of the brush textures are being applied to, now rebuilds once
  • Fixed major hang when opening Texture Application Tool with many objects selected
  • Fixed multiple crashes due to .fgd BaseClasses being redefined with fewer variables than they had before
  • Applying textures via the "Face Edit Sheet" window or "Apply Current Texture" Tools no longer rebuilds visgroups UI for each object, only after all textures are applied, so it should be much faster now
  • Fixed custom detail.vbsp in map properties not having an effect in the editor itself
  • Fixed map views forcibly taking focus away from LightingPreviewWindow
  • Fixed custom "detailmaterial" not showing in the editor
  • Fixed the Ray-Traced Preview in Hammer being an error texture
  • Fixed a crash when trying to place a non existent Prefab using the Entity tool
  • Fixed a crash in Object Properties => Model
  • Marked certain Hammer config files as userconfig so they do not get wiped on branch change/verification (You can still delete them and verify to reset)
  • Fixed carving brushes with decals/overlays on them creating "Tell a programmer" windows
  • Fixed releasing LMB/RMB outside of the 3D view while painting displacements continuing to paint until you re-click in the 3D view
  • Fixed crashing issues with Object Properties Output/Input column sorting
  • KeyValue copy & paste now properly pastes the spawnflags (and updates the UI)
  • The Entity Report dialog will now close when its associated VMF is closed to prevent crashes
  • VRAD: Fixed 3d skybox being forced on certain leafs where 2d only skybox is expected