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  • Duplicator tool will now try to figure out what addons are used by the dupe, save that in the dupe file, and display required addons in the duplicator's context menu. This only applies to new dupes
  • Making a map save now stores the Workshop ID of the map file in the save file, and adds the option to subscribe to the map if the map is missing
  • Show severity of problems in the problems menu
  • Failed addon downloads will now show up in the Problems menu with the reason why it failed
  • Added ability to view and revoke granted permissions in the Problems menu
  • Players now have to grant explicit permission for servers to be able to force voice chat on players


  • CS:GO lobby is put into correct map category (Community Contribution)
  • Improved addon detection for Lua errors
  • You can now save dupes from the duplicator’s context panel
  • Experiment: Count connecting players as bots until they fully join
  • "Addon is missing its file" problem now shows which addon exactly is broken
  • Updated texture for the painting model
  • Minor optimization to map lighting loading
  • Do not allow npc_barnacle to pick up gibs it itself spits out
  • Force enable episodic behavior when npc_barnacle eats zombies so they are not just spat out as ragdolls


  • Numerous security fixes
  • Improved spawnmenu resilience against addons that do not set Sandbox tool name