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  • Added an option to show unuseful materials in Hammer's texture browser, which includes: player logo decals, vertexlitgeneric materials, hud/vgui/particle folders. These materials are now hidden by default.
  • Added trigger_catapult entity from Team Fortress 2


  • ErrorNoHalt/Error will now display a stack trace in Problems panel
  • include errors now have a stack trace and appear in Problems menu
  • Disallow "Shadow" shader to be used as rope material to prevent crashes/graphical glitches
  • Bump MAX_LUA_FILES to 32k for single player only
  • Add probable cause to the "Failed to lock vertex buffer" message so users can more easily self diagnose
  • Bump MAXSTUDIOANIMS to 3k, MAXSTUDIOSEQUENCES to 2k (from 2k, and 1.5k respectively)
  • Added model name & position to VRAD's "unexpected strips found" error to help debug which static props cause the issue
  • Fixed material name not appearing in "Warning in .VMT file .. " and "Error in .VMT file: error parsing vector element..." warnings
  • Improved loading process to do with Lua files so they are not sometimes redownloaded every time, also makes accessing files from Lua cache potentially faster
  • Bumped MAX(_TOOL)_THREADS to 64 (4x previous limit)
  • Replace some possibly incorrect usage of FLT_MIN with -FLT_MAX, affects IKRules and displacements
  • Updated Steamworks SDK to v1.53a
  • m_flCycle is now networked in range of -1 to 1, from 0 to 1, fixing airboat spamming errors when going backwards in multiplayer


  • Fixed C_FireSmoke particle crash for good
  • Fixed potential security issue with gmad.exe and specially crafted .gma files when extracting
  • Potential fix for a crash with C_OP_RenderRope particle render operation
  • Fixed a potential bug in materialsystem to do with Power of 2 rejection on texture load
  • Fixed a bug in the materialsystem where NoMip textures were trying to read past EOF looking for mipmaps, resulting in "Error unserializing VTF file... is the file empty?" errors
  • Display warnings and try to prevent a crash when an NPC's memory is about to overflow
  • Fixed a crash due to out of bounds sequences with IK Rules and AccumulatePose
  • Fixed some addons that extract/load correctly on client not loading/extracting correctly on server. Both cases now simply display a warning before trying to extract
  • Fixed crashes when the File object in steamworks.DownloadUGC's callback is closed prematurely
  • Fixed a crash in CSoundPatch.__tostring when used on invalid sounds
  • Fixed func_movelinear spamming sounds when used with momentary_rot_button
  • Fixed remaining potential crashes with npc_barnacle when its tongue entity is removed


  • Removed 'heartbeat' console command
  • Removed env_hudhint entity