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  • Added NPC:GetKnownEnemyCount
  • Added NPC:GetKnownEnemies
  • Added NPC:IgnoreEnemyUntil
  • Added NPC:GetTimeEnemyLastReacquired
  • Added NPC:GetLastTimeTookDamageFromEnemy
  • Added NPC:MarkTookDamageFromEnemy
  • Added Entity:GetAnimCount
  • Added NPC:NavSetGoalPos
  • Changed NPC:NavSetGoalTarget - second argument defaults to 0,0,0, sets correct goal type for the path
  • Added CLuaLocomotion:GetDesiredSpeed
  • Added CLuaLocomotion:GetGroundNormal
  • Added math.SnapTo (Community Contribution)
  • Added icons and select fields for DProperty_Combo (Community Contribution)
  • Added Entity:GetSequenceVelocity
  • Made Entity:GetSequenceMoveDist shared


  • ServerLog global now obeys sv_logecho convar
  • Save cookies on Lua state shutdown to prevent data loss when disconnecting
  • Render library underflow warnings are now non halting Lua errors
  • Clamped PhysObj:SetMass to safe values (0-50000] to prevent crazy physics
  • CreateConVar/AddConsoleCommand globals now ErrorNoHalt when command creation fails, instead of silently failing
  • Can no longer create concmmands/convars with blocked names
  • Made Player:GetPlayerInfo shared
  • Added snd_buildcache to blocked command list
  • Entity:DropToFloor now checks if the entity is inside world geometry - if it is, do not drop to floor. Should help with stuff ending up underground in certain places, such as NPCs on displacements.


  • Fixed crashes with certain Vehicle functions when used on unsupported vehicles
  • Fixed PhysObj:SetInertia causing unexpected zero-G behaviour when used on frozen physics objects or with invalid values
  • Fixed cam.End crashing when used without cam.Start first (will throw Lua error)
  • Try to end cam.Start calls that are left unended each frame (will display warnings in console when this happens)
  • Fixed CNavLadder & CNavArea's Lua objects not becoming null after removal, causing crashes
  • Fixed Material() not being able to access gamemodes/ folder