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  • Added NextBot.GetLastKnownArea and NextBot.ClearLastKnownArea
  • Added OnHalfEmpty, OnEmpty and OnFull outputs to func_healthcharger, to match func_recharge


  • Allowed physgunning persistent props when persistence is disabled
  • Disallowed physics creation/destruction functions from being called on jeeps/airboats to prevent crashes
  • Improved save loading so it sets player ownership of spawned entities to a player in more cases
  • Put motionsensor.GetColourMaterial behind a clientside permission
  • Failing to save jpeg screenshots/posters actually says that it failed in console
  • Added console warnings when npc_apcdriver/npc_vehicledriver is removed due to it not having its vehicle to drive


  • Fixed Half Life 1 sentry ragdolls not cleaning up on map cleanup. Also fixed their collisions and inability to hit the player at certain player angles
  • Fixed a crash in the DSP system
  • Fixed a crash with NPC:SetNPCClass
  • Fixed a typo in hook.Remove error (Community Contribution)
  • Fixed security issues
  • Fixed DIconLayout counting border size 2 times when laying out icons (Community Contribution)
  • Flash the game window when loading screen disappears to let the player know the loading is finished
  • Fixed hook.Add giving a less than useful error when given a nil to second argument
  • Fixed vgui_slideshow_display crashing the game without materials to display
  • Fixed a crash when trying to play bad ADPCM .wav files
  • Fixed file.AsyncRead returning garbage when the target file has no data
  • Fixed an issue with halo library not resetting color of pp/copy, which in some cases makes usage of halo library fill the whole screen with a color
  • Fixed Lua errors when trying to activate non Toggle Camera or Dynamite from a tool Button that was loaded from a save in multiplayer
  • Fixed a regression with string.Comma where it wouldn't format huge numbers properly
  • Fixed func_healthcharger and func_recharge not updating its texture index
  • Fixed crashing with npc_apcdriver when it doesn't have its vehicle
  • TTT: Fix ammo ents blocking +use near other entities (Community contribution)