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  • Added string = util.FilterText( input, context, player )
  • Added TEXT_FILTER_ enums
  • Added safeguards to DownloadUGC when Steam sends us a null SteamUGCQueryCompleted_t
  • Add OS specific errors to binary module loading errors
  • Implemented Steam chat filter to the default chat box (profanity filter is toggleable in the Filters section of the default chatbox, Steam preferences apply)


  • Spawnmenu search now resets its model cache when addons/games are remounted
  • surface.DrawLine now uses floats not integers
  • "Stop Persisting" property will now also be hidden when persistence is disabled
  • Make it more clear that changing sbox_persist while in-game will cleanup the map
  • Do not clean up map when disabling persistence
  • Reduce Faceposer tool's convar count to 96 (from 128) to match the actual limit in the engine


  • Fixed 2 server lag exploits with default properties
  • Fixed "join game" not showing up in Steam for P2P games after a changelevel
  • Fixed a stack overflow with DListView and columns inserted at specific positions
  • Fixes a server crash with no collide constraint.
  • Fixed DTextEntry's automatic line breaks causing an infinite loop hang with specially formatted text containing a lot of whitespace
  • Fixed GM:PlayerAmmoChanged reporting incorrect new ammo count when called from Player:GiveAmmo
  • Prisoner pod and chair vehicles now react to damage physically, driver takes explosion damage, calls GM:EntityTakeDamage hook
  • Potential fix for crash relating to env_microphone's measure target entity
  • Potential fix for a crash within CFontTextureRegen
  • Fixed GMODLUA_GetUserType leaking onto the Lua stack (this only affects binary modules and the type() function, when using custom userdata types)
  • Fixed changing persistence in-game saving to the wrong file if the cvar changed too quickly within the 2 second timer
  • Disabling hoverballs now adjusts their mass so they are not abnormally heavy when disabled, improved duplicator support for the disabled state


  • Downgrade Steamworks SDK to 1.50 as the newer version was causing issues