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  • Added "Select Page" option in Addons menu
  • Added Half-Life 1 .357 Handgun & Shotgun to NPC usable weapon list (Community Contribution)
  • Added links to Server and Modding guidelines to Legal tab in Options (Community Contribution)
  • Improved Eye Poser (Community Contribution)


  • Group NPC weapon overrides by category
  • Improved ladder prediction
  • Made NPC vs NPC killicon behavior consistent with NPC vs Player deaths
  • Switched Outdated tags in server browser to use the network version, not the build version, better representing if a server can be joined or not due to an update
  • Updated the server browser to no longer be limited to 256 servers per gamemode
  • Display disconnect reason in a pop up when encountering a host error in singleplayer
  • Reload spawnmenu on language change (Community Contribution)
  • Made givecurrentammo always give secondary ammo
  • If HUD is disabled, don't display "Something is creating script errors" overlay (Community Contribution)
  • Improve word break for addon descriptions in the Addons menu (Community Contribution)
  • Updated language files
  • Removed the "Sorry! You can't spawn that NPC!" message when the server did not have requested NPC, to match behavior of other spawn functions
  • Implemented automatic cleanup & limit translations, when they are missing (Community Contribution)


  • Fixed a visual bug in Lua Errors section of Problems menu
  • Fixed Gravity Gun ignoring spin_none interaction for props
  • Fixed Gravity Gun preferred carry angles ignoring player's pitch angles
  • Fixed vehicle collision group not being saved by duplicator
  • Fixed addon size display when its over 2.1GB
  • Fixed tooltip position with tall text (Community Contribution)