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  • Added ClearAllOutputs input to all entities


  • Added some crash checks to CShaderSystem::TakeSnapshot
  • Added a message to dedicated server console when not having GSLT about its impact on server ranking
  • Default weapon selection checks GMod's localization files
  • Added more info to Overflow error writing string table baseline host error for debugging
  • Defaulted scr_centertime to 5
  • Replaced self.Owner with self:GetOwner() in base game (Community Contribution)
  • Improved DAdjustableModelPanel movement (Community Contribution)
  • * Removal of hard-coded keys
  • * The cursor is no longer displayed when moving
  • * Fixed a bug where the pitch did not stay between -90 and 90 degrees, which resulted in an inverted yaw
  • * Space and control keys are no longer relative to viewing angle
  • Toolgun improvements (Community Contribution)
  • * toolmode_allow_ convars are now properly replicated to clients
  • * Fixed TOOL:Holster being called twice in the name of releasing ghost entities
  • * Fixed a bug where the toolgun does not call TOOL:Deploy on the first tool that is selected


  • Fixed workshop fonts spamming pointless console messages trying to load from the .gma directly which won't work
  • Fixed effects/base.lua being included twice
  • Fixed ai_debug_enemies (and probably other NPC debug stuff) spewing nonsense to console
  • Fixed crashes when trying get model sprite size with a null sprite/model (and when trying to get model bounds of null model)
  • Fixed a crash when trying to spawn ai_node too early
  • Fixed a crash when calling Spawn() on an entity that deletes itself in the Spawn() function
  • Fixed crashes when an entity has negative skin value
  • Fixed a crash with base NPC when holstering weapon and having no weapon
  • Fixed NPC_CraneDriver crashing when the crane's magnet is removing
  • Fixed prop_dynamic crashing the game when given invalid break usermessage names
  • Added (Cheap)BreakModel user messages that some maps use
  • Fixed Hammer Inputs/Outputs duplicating from base classes
  • Fixed legacy CBaseEntity::FireBullets not setting attacker
  • Fixed FCVAR_REPLICATED cvars resetting to default/keeping server value when joining a server and leaving
  • Unspecified security improvements
  • Fixed a crash on malformed maps to do with overlays on displacements
  • Prop Spawn effect restores original Entity.RenderOverrides
  • Fixed a bug with SCHED_HOLD_RALLY_POINT
  • Fixed potential crashes to do with sounds
  • Optimized some Lua code (Community Contribution)
  • Removed usage of useless varargs (Community Contribution)
  • Don't re-register net receiver for editvariable multiple times (Community Contribution)