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  • Added Panel:Set/GetTooltipDelay (Community Contribution)
  • Added vgui.Exists (Community Contribution)
  • Added the Derma Icon Browser (derma_icon_browser console command) (Community Contribution)


  • Refresh language files on gamemode change
  • Reworked how workshop item info timeout works for server downloads to hopefully make it work more reliably
  • Throttled CreateFragmentsFromFile messages to 1 a second to avoid lag
  • Expanded the 'Your map differs from the servers' kick reason with more info
  • IncludeCS now returns result of include() (Community Contribution)
  • Use snd_musicvolume instead of volume for loading screens (Community Contribution)
  • Contain DButton's image size if it's too big (Community Contribution)
  • Refactored weapon_medkit so it is easier to change/extend (Community Contribution)
  • Security fixes


  • Fixed ToolGun:GetToolObject returning local players values for other players clientside
  • Fixed potential Lua errors with PropSpawn effect
  • Fixed an infinite loop with util.TableToJSON when a table has __index that always gives non-nil output
  • Fixed crashes when barnacle m_hTongueTip's m_pSpring is null
  • Fixed a server crash to do with invalid vehicle scripts for airboats
  • Fixed a crash when accessing self.loco of a deleted nextbot
  • Try to prevent crashing when (re)loading textures from .png
  • Menu support for util.IsBinaryModuleInstalled (Community Contribution)
  • TTT: Fixed ironsight position when in singleplayer (Community Contribution)