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  • Added ability to invert colors in Colour Modify in spawnmenu


  • Experimental: Completely removed Lua file limit for singleplayer
  • Game binaries are now code signed on windows
  • Better names for Texturize shader options in spawnmenu (Community Contribution)
  • Delete materials/temp/ and sounds/temp/ folders on game launch and shutdown
  • Added gmod_delete_temp_files, defaults to 1, which controls the behavior above
  • Refresh main menu subscription lists (addons, dupes, etc) if they are open when subscriptions change


  • Create a world entity for naughty maps that are engineered to crash on load by not spawning the worldspawn entity
  • Fixed a crash when deleting npc_manhack too early
  • Batch server Workshop download queries to 50 addons at a time, which should fix addons past 100 not loading when joining servers
  • Fixed "Join Game" feature not working due to recent Steam update