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  • Added Half-Life: Source difficulty configuration files
  • Added filter_activator_context and filter_activator_model entities
  • Changing skill level with Lua or the convar also runs/loads the appropriate skill config files
  • Added full support for Static Prop Lightmaps
  • Added $phong, $envmapLightScale and $envmapLightScaleMinMax parameter support for LightmappedGeneric shader
  • Added $phongAlbedoBoost parameter to VertexLitGeneric shader
  • Added $phongDisableHalfLambert parameter to VertexLitGeneric shader
  • Added $pp_colour_inv to g_colourmodify shader
  • Added $envmapsphere parameter to VertexLitGeneric, which restores how Half-Life: Source chrome materials render
  • Added input/output descriptions to "Entity Properties" window in Hammer
  • Added prop_sphere to Hammer and added radius keyvalue to it
  • Added func_friction to Hammer
  • Added 6 new inputs to all entities - SetLocalOrigin, SetLocalAngles, DisableDraw, EnableDraw, DisableReceivingFlashlight, EnableReceivingFlashlight
  • Added "Disable flashlight" keyvalue to all entities in Hammer
  • Added new inputs to func_tracktrain - SetMaxSpeed, MoveToPathNode, TeleportToPathNode, LockOrientation, UnlockOrientation
  • Added new output to func_tracktrain - OnArrivedAtDestinationNode
  • Added the following particle initializers - Position Along Ring, Position Along Epitrochoid, Position Modify Place On Ground, Position From Chaotic Attractor, Scalar Random, Vector Random, Vector Component Random, Set Hitbox to Closest Hitbox, Set Hitbox Position on Model, Velocity Set from Control Point, Remap Particle Count to Scalar
  • Added the following particle operators - Remap Direction to CP to Vector
  • Added the following global particle attributes - screen space effect, normal, Visibility input dot min/max, Visibility input distance min/max
  • Added "render models" particle renderer
  • Added "hitbox" and "hitbox set" parameters to - Movement Lock to Bone (operator), Cull relative to model (operator), as well as Position on Model Random (initializer) whose "hitbox scale" is now "model hitbox scale"


  • Do not set PANEL.ClassName in vgui.CreateFromTable to a missing variable (Community Contribution)
  • Minor tweaks to cvars library internals (Community Contribution)
  • Increased view model networking limitations, notably bodygroup combinations
  • Editable Entities editing now uses net.WriteEntity, not a 32bit net.WriteUInt (Community Contribution)
  • Doubled particle precache limit


  • Fixed "last known CNavArea" not updating for players, which is used by some internal nextbot functionality, and some navmesh editing functionality
  • Potential fix for sv_parallel_sendsnapshot and sv_parallel_packentities crashing the server randomly
  • Spawnmenu search properly invalid input from addons, instead of erroring
  • Workaround fix for "../data/whatever" Material paths not working on Linux when garrysmod/materials/ folder is missing
  • Fixed gmpublish on Linux not working out of the box
  • Fixed Particle Editor Model Picker not applying picked model
  • Fixed certain NPCs that create entities crashing when the server is at the entity limit
  • Prevent Lua errors in Sandbox tools & constraint library when the server is at the entity limit
  • removeid concommand now works as expected with RunConsoleCommand
  • Fixed toggle_duck console command in multiplayer