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  • ents.GetMapCreatedEntity is now shared


  • DListView now ignores invisible lines (Community Contribution)
  • Steam Voice Settings button now opens Steam Settings in overlay, since old Steam UI was deleted by a Steam UI update
  • Increased .vtx file size limit for studiomdl.exe, and added safeguards against crashing when the limit is hit
  • Added voice_recordtofile to blocked concommand list
  • DNS lookup Global.HTTP URLs before sending the requests
  • poster command now works correctly with cl_leveloverview enabled
  • TTT: Made Poltergeist weapon range easier to override (Community Contribution)
  • Potential improvement to 64x64 cubemap quality when building map cubemaps (Community Contribution)


  • Fixed a crash issue when loading certain particle files
  • Fixed skill configs not applying in time for singleplayer, resulting in NPCs not having health set, etc
  • Fixed metropolice NPC crashing when its target is removed during a weapon burst fire
  • Fixed a regression with halo/outline rendering
  • Fixed up ToS/Privacy Policy links on Options menu
  • TTT: Fixed notification sound cue and make it toggleable (Community Contribution)