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  • CPropDoorRotatingBreakable does not try to precache NULL model breakables
  • Moved "render to video" temp file to videos/ folder
  • Allowed physgun_wheelspeed to go negative again


  • Fixed symlinked autorefresh not working
  • More potential crash fixes to do with texture loading
  • Fixed net.WriteData warning not displaying correct data
  • Fixed async model loading system trying to load already loaded models
  • Fixed "bad sequence" warnings so they display correct max number
  • Fixed "Unable to initialize DirectSoundCapture" disabling voice chat
  • Fixed lua_refresh_file not working with gamemode or addon files
  • Fixed RecipientFilter global having its argument have a flipped meaning
  • Fixed some presets being erroneously treated as collection ID
  • Fixed "flush" concommand crashing on windows dedicated server
  • video library restores fps_max if it sets it
  • Fixed "render to video" not rendering while main menu is open
  • Fixed quitting while demo is being recorded writing invalid tick count to the demo count
  • Fixed a crash due to sounds failing to be loaded
  • Fixed a crash with the mesh library
  • Fixed DModelPanel having issues with depth buffer when 2 panels are overlayed


  • Removed some useless console commands - Test_CreateEntity, Test_RandomPlayerPosition, con_enable, con_drawnotify