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schedule 05 December 2013


An update has been released. Servers don't need to be restarted - but it's recommended.


  • Fixed Lua exploits
  • Fixed broken startup under OSX Mavericks
  • Fixed mp_falldamage
  • Adjusted NPC default weapons
  • Improved Fist hit detection
  • Fixed Delay not updating on Dynamite tool
  • Fixed Keys not updating on Dynamite, Emitter, Hoverball, Lamp, Light and Thruster
  • Fixed slider tool bugs
  • TTT: fix thrown knife sometimes dealing double damage
  • Fixed texture for TextBox_Disabled
  • Fixed GM:GetVehicles()
  • Added blur recomputation to Derma_DrawBackgroundBlur
  • Fixed button Toggle State updating improperly
  • Fixed "Remove on Explode" not updating on dynamite
  • Fixed No Collide undo & remove all constraints
  • Changed all default keys to their Numpad counterparts
  • TTT: remove old resources.lua (clients already have all resources)
  • Reduced gap between entities in Axis, Motor, Wheel, Emitter & Weld Easy tools
  • Added ghosting for Hoverball, Emitter, Light & Lamp tools
  • Removed useless code parts/Improved code formatting
  • Improved positioning for Lamp & Light tools
  • Fixed Glow for Button & Light
  • Removed glow sprite for Light when light is off
  • Animations made faster for Button,
  • Award vehicle run-over kills to the driver
  • TTT: Clean up C4 timer positioning