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  • Added Filter text field to console UI, direct "bindings" to con_filter_* stuff (only affects new messages)
  • You can now add a spawnmenu label by right clicking empty space in the spawnlist
  • Added "Spawn with weapon" right click option for NPCs that can use weapons
  • Added Preset support for Weld and Camera tools
  • Added right click menu for player model selector icons to copy model path of the player model


  • Dissolved entities now have zero G regardless of whether "Keep corpses" is enabled or not
  • Spawning wheels, balloons, lamps, lights, cameras now applies the propspawn effect like other tools
  • Thruster effects now try to conform to the thruster model, so a smaller model produces a smaller effect, a bigger model produces a bigger effect
  • Thruster smoke effect now acts more like smoke (gravity) and acts more like a thruster when not moving
  • Only show the CSS thruster models in the tool's model list if CSS is mounted
  • Spawnmenu editable labels now stretch to fit the text being entered and do now overflow spawnlist panel width
  • Limited Stereoscopy Effect's size to +/-11.5 to prevent "legal wallhack" in Sandbox derived gamemodes
  • Gravity Gun can now successfully complete the upgrade process and is no longer a progression stopper on d3_citadel_03
  • Upgraded Gravity Gun can pick up stuff from further away, has SUPER sounds and can turn NPCs into ragdolls
  • Reworked models/mechanics/solid_steel/type_a_2_16.mdl so it isn't broken anymore
  • item_healthvial dropped by NPCs on death also gets dissolved like the weapon/combine ball ammo drop does if they died from dissolve damage
  • Updated language files, added language strings for Undone_Statue and env_entity_dissolver
  • Spawnmenu handles deletion of all spawnlists upon save better, by first showing hidden ones that require mountable games, and then regenerating default spawnlists if there are no spawnlists left whatsoever


  • Fixed combine soldiers only shooting 1 bullet per burst with SWEPs
  • Fixed combine soldiers not using weapon rest times at all (only uses SWEP rest times now)
  • Fixed default secondary ammo HUD not updating its visibility when secondary ammo type changes
  • Fixed a crash issue with secondary ammo display when switching to a NULL weapon
  • Fixed secondary ammo HUD not showing while in a vehicle with weapons in vehicles enabled
  • Fixed wheel ghost spazzing out when aiming at moving entities
  • Fixed wheel ghost preview floating above certain surfaces unexpectedly
  • Fixed wheel direction indicator size spazzing out with certain wheel models on certain surfaces
  • Fixed updating a Thruster stopping its sound after a short while if its active, instead of updating the sound
  • Fixed Motor tool's Force Limit not functioning
  • Fixed a bunch of render order issues with default tool entities and potentially other addon entities
  • Fixed a "CUtlRBTree overflow!" crash to do with detail models (grass and stuff) on maps
  • Fixed prop fading not fading but instantly hiding props
  • Fixed prop fading breaking/being affected by water/mirror reflections
  • SLAM tripmines now properly clean their laser when they are removed, not exploded
  • SLAM weapon no longer tries to throw/place a tripmine/satchel immediately after switching to the weapon if the player switched away during the placing/throwing animation
  • Fixed RPG Launcher shooting a non guidable missile in some cases
  • Fixed a crash when changing r_flashlightdepthres during runtime while having projected textures around
  • Fixed up/down buttons for alpha on tool color selection not functioning
  • Fixed manually entering alpha value for Spawnmenu color selection not updating the UI
  • Try to avoid unexplained crash to do with overflowing font cache and display a warning instead (Another "CUtlRBTree overflow" crash)
  • Fixed jumping animations playing on players when landing in multiplayer (Fixed extra GM:DoAnimationEvent calls with PLAYERANIMEVENT_JUMP)
  • Tracking Sandbox Camera now properly tracks players instead of tracking somewhere above them
  • Fixed gravity gun (and potentially other weapons) not working properly while sitting in a vehicle
  • Fixed gravity gun spamming its "DryFire" sound in a rare case when the prop is picked up but is too far to be thrown
  • Fixed certain NPCs like Combine Camera/Turrets, Nihilanth, etc ignoring "Disable Thinking" setting
  • Combine Ball projectile no longer makes kill sounds when hitting ragdolls, to prevent insane sound spam when it gets stuck in multiple ragdolls
  • Fixed "Keep Ragdolls" setting causing dead rollermines and floor turrets to create uninteractable "ragdolls" on death
  • Citadel version of Half-Life 2 armor recharger now restores the correct amount of armor
  • "Make Statue" property now properly saves and restores via duplicator (affects only new dupes/saves)
  • "Enable Gravity" checked status now properly saves via duplicator (affects only new dupes/saves)
  • Fixed engine saves sometimes having extremely messed up sounds
  • Fixed domain names starting with a number being counted as IP addresses in the old server browser when adding a new favorite server
  • Fixed respawn_entities command breaking weapon sounds until player respawns
  • Fixed Alyx's Gun sounds not working without Episode 1 being mounted
  • Fixed Metropolice freezing the game for too long on initial spawn
  • Spawnmenu now selects the first VISIBLE spawnlist, used to select hidden spawnlists
  • Do not exit the game on "Couldn't create windows font" error
  • Fixed extreme performance loss with SetMaterial and missing materials with Capitalized materials
  • Server's IP address can now be selected and copied in the server browser (Community Contribution)


  • Removed "Torque Limit" from ballsocket tool as it did nothing