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  • Added "Addon Presets" feature
  • Added "Toggle" keybind for Hoverball tool
  • Added "Playback rate" slider for Spawn Icon editor
  • You can now undo Weapons spawned through Spawnmenu with middle mouse click or the Creator tool (Community Contribution)
  • Hoverball now shows its "Strength" value in the tooltip
  • Dynamite now shows its "Delay" value in the tooltip
  • Added "Followed" and "Favorite" sections to Addons menu
  • Subscribing to addons with addon dependencies from in-game now displays a nice message telling you which addons you should also install with quick buttons to do so
  • Added ability to hide news in main menu (News posts younger than 7 days are still force shown)
  • Banned/invalid addons now appear in the addon list to give users a chance to uninstall them and to tell them why they are not loaded
  • Added support for the new Left 4 Dead 2 DLC
  • Added 4 map icons from the Team Fortress 2 Halloween 2020 update
  • Added "enable realistic fall damage" option to "start new game" for Sandbox


  • Implemented full effects for the Super Gravity Gun
  • It should no longer be possible for the Gravity Gun effects to break when overwriting Garry's Mod files
  • Gravity gun effects now look closer to how they look in Half-Life 2
  • Reduced the minimum value for Light tool brightness to -10 from 0, which makes the light dimmer (-6 in UI)
  • Improvements to prevent spawning props partially inside walls/ground
  • Translated "Unfrozen X objects" and "Undone X" (experimental) hints
  • Added default keybinds to Lamp and Light tools
  • Given Hoverball tool more sensible defaults
  • Revised Hoverball visuals and placement angles
  • Improved UGC (addons/dupes/etc) pagination: Added page number for easy sharing, now works better on extremely small screens and can go beyond page 32
  • Reduced minimum amount of UGC icons to 1 so the UGC menus are at least functional on tiny screens
  • Light tool rope attaches closer to the top of the model like expected
  • Localized Workshop subscription Download/Extraction window
  • Do not display "ServerContent" addons in Latest/Popular/Trending categories in-game
  • Updated Light tool model - color tool applies color only to parts that are meant to be colored similarly to Lamp tool models
  • Finger poser improvements: New background image, scales better with custom tool panel width, holding SHIFT should now make it easier to position fingers
  • Changing spawnicon skin/bodygroups in the spawnmenu triggers "Save Changes" button to show
  • Experimental spawnicon loading 'queue' - prevent complete freezes when opening spawnlists, load spawnicons until we reach 30 FPS or 1 per frame


  • Fixed right clicking or middle mouse clicking on text entries in spawnmenu forcing the spawnmenu to stay hanging unable to be closed with Q
  • Fixed not being able to +use pickup hl2 grenades
  • Fixed not being able to +use pickup weapons (as in, physics pickup)
  • Weapons no longer disappear when you pick up 0 ammo from them with gmod_ammo 0
  • Fixed Half-Life 2 credits not working
  • Don't count "no workshop id" as a workshop id for server browser gamemode list, potentially hiding the install gamemode button
  • Fixed not being able to send large dupes (arm them) to server while being able to download large dupes from server. Dupe anti spam is now per-player on server and also exists on client.
  • Fixed Gravity Gun leaving held prop stuck mid air on client when the Gravity Gun is switched away too quickly
  • physcannon_mega_enabled now works as expected
  • Fixed Gravity Gun launch/punt effects coming from the wrong place in 3rd person for local player
  • Fixed "Cleanup Scripted Weapons" button only cleaning up Scripted Entities and not Weapons (now does both), Added missing translation for "#Cleaned_Sents"
  • Resizing spawnmenu Dupes/Saves tabs now properly updates the icons to fit within the new size
  • Players are no longer in the sit animation in 3rd person when exiting vehicles
  • Fixed Lamp/Light tool effects not rendering
  • Fixed Thruster not working at all if it was turned on while frozen by the Physics Gun
  • Fixed being able to "store an attack" using the Fists SWEP by switching away after pressing LMB and before the attack is performed
  • Fixed entering a vehicle while crouched saving and restoring the crouched view offset when exiting the vehicle even though the player is forced to un-crouch
  • Properly align checkbox labels in New Game settings
  • Partially resolve explosive barrels exploding when catching them and lightly touching ground after throwing