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  • Hammer: Allow right click on 3D view to activate FPS camera controls, on tools where right click in 3D view is not used
  • Added point_viewcontrol features from CSGO: SetTarget/SetTargetAttachment/ReturnToEyes/TeleportToView/SetTrackSpeed/SetPath inputs, "fov" "trackspeed "fov_rate" keyvalues, Set FOV spawnflag
  • Added env_sprite_clientside
  • env_projectedtexture: Added "style" and "pattern" keyvalues/inputs, SetNear/FarZ inputs and more
  • Added simple multiplayer support for color_correction_volume
  • Added info_particle_target as alias of info_target
  • Added prop_dynamic_glow as alias of prop_dynamic


  • Replaced a bunch of Color( 255, 255, 255 ) cases with color_white, etc
  • Hammer: Made the "Default to 15 degree rotations" setting invert what SHIFT does during rotation, not outright enable/disable it
  • Restored invalid model file header checks for VRAD
  • More descriptive error messages when Msg* functions fail to call tostring()
  • Avoid kicking players for "Connection rejected by game"
  • Crash with a nicer message on maps that have (purposefully) corrupted first lump
  • Better Orbit camera for DAdjustableModelPanel
  • Added server related steam error code translations
  • Minor improvements to PrintTable() (Community Contribution)
  • Switched steamworks.GetList to ISteamUGC
  • Better error handling for compressed map lump loading
  • The game no longer loads "Do not mount" state for unsubscribed addons
  • Combined the two loops in weapons.Register into one
  • Print a console message when game is started with -noaddons
  • Increased precision of rotation for all entities to fix prediction errors (lagginess) when walking on frozen props at not straight angles
  • Doubled maximum ammo types


  • Fixed a crash related to shadow rendering
  • Fixed DNumberScratch's value going out of bounds of the blue background with huge values
  • Preventative fix for large Lua files causing clients to get stuck on loading or completely breaking a server with autorefresh
  • Fixed GMOD_SendToClient having inflated buffer sizes
  • Do not rebuild Derma skin on ALL panels when some single panel gets its skin set
  • Dtooltip inherits derma skin from the panel it is opened for
  • Fixed Hammer not loading vgui language files
  • Fixed certain labels/buttons in Hammer model picker being cut off
  • Fixed HLMV not being able to open VPK folders (and potentially other places not detecting VPK folders)
  • VRAD no longer crashes with invalid model versions on static props (i.e. Portal 2/CSGO models)
  • VRAD no longer bails compiling vertex lighting for static props with invalid model versions
  • VRAD now uses DX90 (used DX8 versions before) vertex format for vertex lighting of static props
  • Fixed "snap to grid" display in Hammer not updating when it should
  • Fixed "Browse" for func_instance in Hammer not filling the field properly when map .vmf is not located in the GarrysMod/garrysmod/maps folder
  • Fixed (env_)explosions not respecting the NODLIGHTS flag
  • Fixed a crash to do with built-in weapons
  • env_projectedtexture shadows can now be turned on while the projected texture is on (previously required the projected texture to be turned off)
  • Fixed hover state of DSlider's draggable "knob"
  • Overflowing serverside sound precache no longer boots you to main menu/crashes the server
  • Fixed MP3/OGG sounds being cached even when they don't exist/failed to load
  • Fixed Lua errors when thrusters are trying to use NULL particle emitters
  • Force disconnecting players to leave their current vehicle properly
  • Fixed Icon Editor erroring when editing a spawnicon which was removed (spawnmenu_reload)
  • Hammer and entity templates can now properly handle post Left 4 Dead 1 map entity Input/Output (ESC delimiter instead of a comma)
  • Fixed a crash with npc_alyx shooting on a server with no players
  • Changed bodygroups to use unsigned integers over signed integers to prevent crashing and increase the bodygroup combination limit somewhat
  • npc_combinegunship's ground attack spawnflag and inputs work now
  • trigger_teleport ejects player from a vehicle when teleporting with the "Only Players In Vehicles" spawnflag
  • Hammer: Fixed .fgd flag/array values inheritance, so spawnflags on trigger_teleport are no longer missing (possibly fixes other entities too)
  • Fixed an infinite loop with CAI_TrackPather on ep2_outland_11a (and possibly other maps/places)


  • Removed usage of SendLua in the undo library
  • Removed some unused variables from Sandbox entities
  • Removed internal STUDIO_TWOPASS hack for Lua entities to hopefully fix the render order issues for good
  • Rollback render.ClearDepth change for DModelPanel as it causes issues for addons